Smart Surface Technology.

The Wilhelm Taubert GmbH uses electron beam technology to refine foil products as semi-finished products for further processing, for example as furniture surfaces. With a low material and energy input, environmentally friendly, recyclable, and extremely durable films are produced for a wide range of interior applications.


One technology, countless possibilities.

We use electron accelerators for the cross-linking of paint systems. This technology is considered particularly environmentally friendly as solvents are not used and the energy requirement is low.

In the electron accelerator, electrons are accelerated to almost the speed of light in an evacuated space by means of an electric field under high voltage. The electrons pass through a titanium foil and then enter the material. This leads to a chain polymerisation that penetrates deep into the material. Thus, the material is completely cross-linked which influences the product characteristics positively.

Focus on WITAFILM:

Release film

WITAfilm is a plastic-based release film that transfers specially developed structures onto surfaces and optimises them in terms of design and feel. In this process, a plastic film is coated with lacquer that has, for example, a folded texture. The texture passes on anti-fingerprint characteristics to the finished product. The resulting semi-finished product is used for further processing for roll-to-roll products or for surface manipulation on sheet products.


A young team with a lot of experience

CEO and founder Wilhelm Taubert handed over the management of the company to his daughter Sarah Taubert in 2019. Together they rely on a young and dynamic team.

  • Sarah Taubert

    Managing director

  • Project Management

    Kilian Tenorth

    Project development

  • Wilhelm Taubert

    Managing director

  • Teamassistenz der Wilhelm Taubert GmbH

    Nicola Wohland

    Team Assistant

  • Operations Manager

    Björn Rischke

    Operations Manager

  • Sven Scholten

    Technical procurement

  • Buchhaltung

    Annegret Kallmeyer


  • Research & Development

    Dr. Hanna Thierfeld

    Head of Research and Development

Career at Taubert

Taubert GmbH is growing at both locations in Wesel and Möckern. With its technology and production, the company is exactly in tune with the current times. Would you like to become part of Team Taubert? Apply now!