One technology.

And countless possibility.

We use electron beam technology to cross-link lacquer systems, which offers an infinite number of application possibilities. We are constantly researching further innovations in order to open up new areas of application. Antibacterial surfaces or a special soft touch: there are hardly any limits to electron beam technology.

Advantages in production

The environmentally friendly EBC technology offers several advantages over other paint curing productions processes. Our production team works in a quiet, emission-free, and odourless environment without using solvents and formaldehyde.

Wide production range

The product advantages of electro-beam cured surfaces are versatile. The final product has an exceptionally long lifespan under the highest wear and tear. The particularly cross-linked surface is low-odour, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean. The transfer of microscopically small textures through our release films enables the realisation of a wide variety of product characteristics in terms of look, feel, and function: from high-gloss to extremely matt with anti-fingerprint effect.